Ski Touring Behind Frontiers

Organiser: Outdoor Kosovo*

Outdoor Kosovo* is operating in adventure travels, offering its services to local and international visitors who want to explore nature and culture on their holidays. Our guides and instructors are certified in all the activities that we offer. This tour is best for the winter season in the Western Balkans and for active travellers who like skiing and ski-shoeing. The possibility of visiting 3 countries on only 1 tour adds some value to this amazing trip that takes you to the very high peaks of Balkans for an incredible snow adventure!


Level of difficulty

  • Moderate – advanced


  • Moderate

Best for what

  • Ski-shoeing and skiing
  • Exploring WB mountains
  • Special cultural experience

Best for who

  • Active travellers
  • Skiers
  • Adventurers
  • Nature lovers



  • Staying at typical mountain houses
  • Passing borders in between countries on ski-shoes
  • Stunning views over Hajla landscapes
  • Ski-touring paradise
  • Exploring mountains of the Western Balkans.

Day by day program

Day 1 - Rugova Ski Touring

Routing: Rozaje – Kosovo

Short: Crossing from Montenegro to Kosovo over Hajla Mountain, which is just on the border in between these 2 countries, across a beautiful long ridge with a highest point of 2403 meters altitude. The transport to the next destination will await at Kosovo side of Hajla

  • Accumulative climb 900m
  • Accumulative ski down 1000 m+
  • Time 6 hrs
  • Distance 9 km

Host: Mountain house sharing rooms and local food in the guesthouse.

Days 2-3 - Korab

Routing: Radomira – Big Korab

Short: The tour to Korab peak begins in Radomira village, and is all day touring to the highest peak. We will start straight from the accommodation that lays at 1200 m altitude, and climb up to 2764 m through long pastures covered with snow. For this adventure you must be fit for 5-6 h ski tour climbing. Reward will be at the top – amazing views over the 2 countries – Albania and Macedonia.

  • Accumulative climb 1500m
  • Accumulative ski down 1500m+
  • Time 7-8 hrs

Host: Mountain guesthouse sharing rooms and local food in the guesthouse

Day 4 - Sharr Mountain

Routing: Kosovo – Albania border

Short: For this adventure you must be fit to gain 1500 meters up and about 5-6 h ski tour climbing, but reward will be on top in which you will see with your eyes dividing of two countries and offering amazing view, from this point we can chose our line skiing down.

  • Accumulative climb peaks of Piribreg, 2524 m and Guri i Zi, 2536 m.
  • Accumulative ski down 2500 m +
  • Time 8-9 hrs

Host: Hotel or the guesthouse with sharing rooms and local food

Cancellation policy

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Environment protection

  • Supporting the preservation of important natural areas and wildlife, including mountain environment, national and regional parks
  • Direct financial contributions
  • Improved environmental management and planning
  • Environmental awareness raising
  • Nature protection and preservation.