Hiking Beyond Borders

Organiser: Zbulo

Explore The Trail ‘Peaks of The Balkans’ with the Zbulo team, passing through Albania, Kosovo*, Montenegro, and back to Albania! Be prepared for long, continuous trekking days and expect to be rewarded with first-class panoramas of a remarkably diverse landscape, warm Balkan hospitality, and the inspiring and modest lifestyle of the locals! Make your way through mountains and valleys, from guesthouses to shepherd huts; from a glass of local rakia to a home-cooked meal and meet the rural beauty of the Western Balkans!

Level of difficulty

  • Medium

You need to be experienced in hiking and trekking.


  • Affordable to Moderate

Best for what

  • Trekking
  • exploring new destinations and cultures
  • time in nature

Best for who

  • Active travellers
  • Nature lovers
  • Active families with children/teenagers
  • Breath-taking views
  • Rural experience


  • Crossing the borders between Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro on foot
  • Hiking through five amazing national parks on this genuine trekking journey
  • Experiencing a melting pot of cultures; similarities and differences
  • Ascending the panoramic peaks of Mt. Trekufiri, Hajla, Taljanka and Arapi
  • Meeting a colourful selection of warm hosts and local accommodations
  • Enjoy the rural lifestyle of the Western Balkans

Day by day program

Day 1 - Welcome to the Balkans!

Routing: Arrival – Shkodra

Short: Arrival Day to Shkodra (Tirana or Podgorica Airport)

Host: Boutique Hotel

Meals: – / – / D

Transfers: 2h





Day 2 - Journey into the Accursed Mountains

Routing: Shkodra – Koman – Bajram Curri – Valbona

Routing: Arrival – Shkodra

Short: A Boat Ride on Koman Lake and Warm Up Walk in the Valbona

Host: Mountain Hotel

Meals: B / L / D

Transfers: 2:30 h + 3 h boat

Dist: 7

Alt+: 250

Alt-: 0

Hours: 3:30

Day 3 - The Highest Peaks of the Albanian Alps

Routing: Valbona – Persllopit & Bor Pass – Cerem

Short: Across the Persllopit Pass or through the Maskollata Gorge to Cerem

Host: Simple Guesthouse

Meals: B / LP / D

Transfers: max. 10 min

Dist: 14

Alt+: 1200

Alt-: 950

Hours: 8:00

Day 4 - High Route into the Remote Border Triangle

Routing: Cerem – Balqin – Doberdol

Short: Eastern Alps and Seasonal Life on the Summer Pastures like Doberdol

Host: Shepherd Huts

Meals: B / LP / D

Transfers –

Dist: 16h

Alt+: 1250

Alt-: 650

Hours: 7:00

Day 5 - The Border Triangle of Mt. Trekufiri

Routing: Doberdol – Mt. Trekufiri – Milishevc

Short: Across the border into Kosovo’s “Bjeshket e Namuna” National Park

Host: Mountain Chalet

Meals: B / LP / D


Dist: 18

Alt+: 825

Alt-: 1100

Hours: 7:45

Day 6 - Rugova Gorge: Kosovo’s Outdoor Destination No. 1

Routing: Milishevc – Lumbardhi – Rugova Gorge – Reka e Allages

Short: On top of Mt. Lumbardhi and Deep Down the Rugova Gorge

Host: Guesthouse

Meals: B / LP / D

Transfers: 30min

Dist: 14


Alt-: 1200

Hours: 6:00

Day 7 - Ridge Hike on the Spine of Hajla

Routing: Reka e Allages – Mt. Hajla – Drelaj

Short: Blueberries, Rare Alpine Plants and the Kosovo Conflict’s Living Past

Host: Guesthouse

Meals: B / LP / D


Dist: 15


Alt-: 1300

Hours: 8:00

Day 8 - Across the Jelenka Pass into Montenegro

Routing: Drelaj – Liqenat – Jelenka Pass – Babino Polje

Short: Past Alpine Lakes over the Highest Point of the Peaks of the Balkans

Host: Guesthouse

Meals: B / LP / D

Transfers: 30min

Dist: 15

Alt+: 1150

Alt-: 1050

Hours: 7:30

Day 9 - Grbaja Valley – The Culmination of Prokletije

Routing: Babino Polje – Grbaja – Mt. Taljanka – Vusanje

Short: Ridge Hike to the Double Peaks of Mt. Popadija & Taljanka (2.056m)

Host: Guesthouse

Meals: B / LP / D


Dist: 12

Alt+: 950


Hours: 6:30

Day 10 - Through the Heart of the Accursed Mountains

Routing: Vusanje – Peja Pass – Theth

Short: The Caravan Route into Albania with Optional Climb of Mt. Arapi (2.217m)

Host: Guesthouse

Meals: B / LP / D

Transfers: 30min

Dist: 11

Alt+: 650

Alt-: 900

Hours: 6:45

Day 11 - Theth – Tradition in the Albanian Highlands

Routing: Theth – Nderlysa – Blue Eye – Shkodra

Short: Learn about Kanun & Blood Feud, Hike to the Grunas Waterfall & Blue Eye

Host: Boutique Hotel

Meals: B / L / D

Transfers: 3h

Dist: 16

Alt+: 225

Alt-: 500

Hours: 5:30

Day 12 - Farewell from Albania!

Routing: Shkodra – Departure

Short: Departure Day from Shkodra (Tirana or Podgorica Airport)


Meals: B / – / –

Transfers: ~2h

Dist: 0

Alt+: 0

Alt-: 0

Hours: 0

Cancellation policy

Maps and directions




Environment protection


The tour includes visits to five national parks.

Almost all services are sourced from the local community. This includes accommodation at family-run guesthouses and huts; local transport with village minibus, 4×4 and horses; local guides.

Income provided to the rural stakeholders provides incentives and creates awareness about the importance of nature preservation and conservation. It’s a valuable long-term alternative to short term exploitation of natural resources.

Guides have received “Leave No Trace” – training and promoting the principles of “take only photos and leave only footsteps”. They’re also encouraged to collect litter during the trip and participate in annual clean-up events. A financial scheme reimburses horse porters on their empty-handed return journey for each kilo of trash collected.

Zbulo developed mechanisms and trained stakeholders to environmentally friendly standards.

Zbulo supports the up-cycling initiative “Tek Bunkers” and summer school program (including environmental awareness) of the Balkans Peace Park initiative active in all three countries.