Explore Balkans with Travel Professionals

We carefully selected 8 organisers from Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia. Our trustworthy partners will help you feel safe and will be your best hosts in exploring Balkans!


Zbulo! offers expert-guided walking holidays, as well as hiking and trekking tours in Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo. Besides, we have prepared self-guided individual trips that allow you to explore on your own with the help of a road-book, maps and optional GPS. From classical tour operator, we’re developing into a not-just-for-profit destination management company. Commercial tours supply non-profit activities that support mountain communities. We see ourselves as a self-sustained NGO that provides direct benefits and incentives through its operations to the people in the areas where we work.

Montenegro Adventures

The big part of our portfolio consists of individual and small group luxury travels, but we also provide a spectrum of services to a growing variety of customers from all corners of the Globe. The core values that we hold to are transparency, flexibility, creativity and respect for diversity. We utilise a client-oriented, proactive approach, continually learning as we interact with our customers and partners. Our employees are the most valued assets of the organisation. They share the responsibility for fulfilling our mission.


We aim to improve the region where we live and work, to make better living conditions in close partnership with the local population, communities, Government and NGOs. As a pioneer in this field, from the beginning, we respect principles of sustainable and responsible development. We do:

  • Rural-tourism in the North of Montenegro for all age groups
  • Presentation of homemade food, customs, culture, lifestyle
  • Cooperation with foreign partners and educational institutions
  • International camps for teenagers & study trips for students
  • Organising group trips in the region and abroad

Outdoor Kosovo

We help you create customised, meaningful, authentic, safe and fun travels based on your goals, destination and budget. We will assist you to create the best possible program by your preferences, make reservations for all accommodations, meals, transport, visa requirement or cross border permits.

Outdoor Kosovo has something for everyone and we guarantee all guests a unique, unforgettable and truly memorable outdoor adventure.

At Outdoor Kosovo we believe in nothing less than complete customer satisfaction and environmental preservation.

Serbian Rowers Kayak Club

The Association of Serbian Rowers TID (Tour International Danube) is a non-profit association of citizens engaged in sports and recreational kayaking and canoeing, staying in nature on rivers, lakes and sea.

The association was created to gather lovers of nature, sports, recreation and rowing in an organised way, with socialising included.

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Experience Balkans

Our mission is to promote Balkan and Macedonia as a new hot spot in travelling and to offer an excellent experience to all our travellers.

Our main objectives are:

  • 24/7 availability;
  • Prompt reply to booking requests
  • Offering excellent experience for our travellers
  • Providing quality tour guides, who will help you blend into the local life and culture
  • Improving our performances with every new experience
  • Promotion of tourist attractions and local cultural values and events.

Dar prirode Travel

We are here to organise trips for you and your family to the best destinations following your preferences. We offer:

  • Social tours – people interested in diverse activities with locals who prefer authenticity and are eager to try new things
  • Battery chargers tours – couples or groups who love and respect the nature, local culture, food and local handicrafts
  • Eco-friendly tours – focused on nature preservation, national parks and nature protection areas and offering eco food and accommodation.

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Tel: +387 66 363 886

Mail: info@darprirodetravel.ba

Web: darprirodetravel.ba

Wild Serbia

Wild Serbia is a small company specialised in adventure and adrenaline programs on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and Balkan countries. All activities that we promote and do are related to nature and rural areas. As such we strive to ensure that our programs have minimal impact on the nature and sociological factors of the environment and where is possible to provide economic benefit for the local community.

*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.