Offering stunning natural treasures, Western Balkans should be on your bucket list whenever you decide to travel next! We are sure that amongst our 8 tours you will find the best choice for you and your travel companions. Here, we present you top things to do while staying on vacation in Western Balkans!

1. Hiking – being known as a mountainous region, Western Balkans offer a tremendously high number of marked hiking trails and possibilities to explore the natural treasures in this way. Most of our 8 tours are taking you off the beaten path, with the focus on exploring authentic flora and fauna of the Western Balkans, but besides, you will also get authentic photos for your social media and memories that will never fade!

2. Mountaineering – for more experienced hikers, we suggest the next level of exploring Western Balkans through mountaineering. Western Balkans is covered in high mountains and most of the peaks in the region are around or over 2000 m high. Experienced guides on our tours will bring you to some stunning places and will take care of your safety.

3. Sightseeing – if you don’t feel like tiring yourself a lot, the region of Western Balkans is still good for you! So many exciting places that are telling you stories about the old times, culture and importance of this beautiful region with a turbulent history. You can do a light walk and check out some of the most important churches, monasteries and mosques; discover old and new cities, enjoy resting outdoors and much more!

4. Swimming – rivers, lakes, sea… Western Balkans has it all! Let us bring you to some of the most famous lakes and rivers on our tours, as well as the Adriatic!

5. Horseback riding – a typical sight from Western Balkans would be endless mountain slopes and livestock all around. Somewhere in between, there is us, riding the horses and enjoying nature!

6. Food tasting – one of the most accurate hints when you think of Western Balkans is rural lifestyle followed by organic homemade food. All of our tours will bring you this amazing experience and we are sure you will enjoy it and always remember Balkans’ food.

7. Cycling – similar to hiking, there are many marked trails for professional and amateur cyclists and that’s why Western Balkans is one of the favorite European destinations for cycling lovers. On our tours, we will bring cycling as a light activity, for exploring the cities and some rural areas.

8. Kayaking – if your choice is a holiday that is connected to water, than some of our kayaking tours are the best choice for you. Explore the beauty of nature in Western Balkans, overlooking it from the water while rowing in the middle of the canyons or lakes.

9. Ski touring – winter in the Western Balkans comes with a lot of snow and there are many spot where you can enjoy skiing, snowshoeing and much more. Pick our ski touring product and indulge in cross border skiing in the slopes of Dinaric Alps.