Exploring hidden gems of Europe has never been easier than with our team! Professionals in adventure and rural tourism, who take good care of the environment, are willing to take you on an unforgettable journey of Western Balkans exploration! Hop on and let us present you the selection of the best trips around these stunning natural areas!

#1 Hiking Beyond Borders

Explore Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro, on a hiking trail with the experienced Zbulo team! Prepare yourself for long, continuous trekking days and nature that will reward you with first-class panoramas of a remarkably diverse landscape, warm Balkan hospitality, and the inspiring yet modest lifestyle of the locals! Make your way through mountains and valleys, from guesthouses to shepherd huts, from a glass of local rakia to a home-cooked meal and meet the rural beauty of the Western Balkans!

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#2 Active Holidays

Dive into a soft adventure combined with culture, nature, and gastronomy while exploring some of the highlights of Montenegro and Serbia on a tour that combines easy hiking with national parks, virgin forests, and stunning lakes discoveries. This tour is suitable for families with teenage children or friend groups where visitors will be able to taste and smell the genuine Balkan cuisine, which is a representation of the many historical influences that have occurred over the centuries.

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#3 Sandzak Shenanigans

This tour is perfect for adrenaline activities and exploration of hidden and unusual places. The tour is performed in two countries – Serbia and Montenegro. Throughout the tour, the guests will have an opportunity to stay in the rural area of Western Balkans, eat organic food, and do adventures like rafting, kayaking, hiking, cave exploring, and horse riding.

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#4 Ski Touring Behind Frontiers

This tour is best for the winter season in the Western Balkans and for active travellers who like skiing and ski-shoeing. The possibility of visiting 3 countries on only 1 tour adds value to this amazing trip that takes you to some of the highest peaks of the Balkans for an incredible snow adventure!

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#5 Kayak Regatta on Drina and Sava

Kayaking along these rural areas lets you discover and enjoy the natural beauty, and cultural and historical heritage, getting to know the people and their customs – ethnology, ethnography, and gastronomy. The longest version of our tour includes the route from Šćepan Polje to Belgrade, a total length of 524 km. While paddling, we pass through the landscapes of narrow valleys along the Drina River, the third deepest canyon in the world, with wavy hills and mountains in the hinterland and closer to the flat land. This program is best performed from April to October.

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#6 Traditional Spirits of Western Balkans

This adventure tour of the Western Balkans offers a diversified itinerary through North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Albania. The itinerary provides one of the most unique outdoor experiences! You will experience a centuries-old lifestyle, local organic foods, crystal clear lakes; soft adventure activities and peace, while accommodated in the rural areas, learning about diverse ethnical folklore through interaction with locals. From hikes in various national parks, cooking lessons on some regional trademark dishes, learning about local crafts, getting around the hives and beekeeping as well as pulling the nets with proper fishermen you will discover the real Balkans and have an unforgettable holiday for lifelong memories!

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#7 A Memorable Richness in a Bite and a Sip

This travel program presents traditional and unique products, services and places; and offers integrated tourism creations that include cultural heritage, natural values, recreational infrastructure and agricultural products, characteristic of this area.

On this tour, guests will enjoy mountains, rivers, and lakes, taste authentic dishes and drinks, visit rural households, archaeological sites, cultural and historical facilities, hiking, boat riding, fishing, and horseback riding.

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#8 Balkan Canyon Lakes Kayak Tour

This is an adventure tour that leads participants to magnificent canyons of the Uvac, Lim, and Drina Rivers in Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Through kayaking activity, all kayakers will have an opportunity to experience recreational water activities in special nature reserves of Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, meet local people and taste local food products, and indulge in glorious outdoor and cultural attractions.

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#9 Hiking the Via Egnatia Route

Let us take you on a journey of exploring two countries in one adventure during hiking along the Via Egnatia route. This trans-border tour includes the historical legacy of the most famous Roman Road in Eastern Europe – Via Egnatia, stretching on the territory of North Macedonia and Albania. The visitors of this tour will experience the local tradition and understand the broader (social, economic and historical) context of the Balkans destination. Hiking and light engagement in physical activity is included.

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Explore Balkans brand brought tour organisers together to develop tours that combine unique ecotourism, rural tourism, and adventure tourism with gastronomic experiences, offering cross-border visits to at least 2 Western Balkans countries on one tour.

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