As travellers look forward to new adventures, the focus shifts towards experiences that leave a positive impact, quality time with loved ones, and wellness that extends beyond check-out. Explore Balkans, with its commitment to adventure, ecology, and rural development, aligns seamlessly with the upcoming travel trends.

Astro Tourism: Starry Nights in the Balkans

In the pursuit of a deeper experience, Astro tourism takes centre stage. The Western Balkans offer a unique opportunity to escape to pristine lands devoid of pollution, crowds, and traffic, where travellers can immerse themselves in the mesmerising night sky. With 2024 bringing spectacular celestial events, the Balkans offer an unparalleled backdrop for astro tourism.


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Eco Diving: Dive into Sustainability

As a region rich in natural beauty, the Balkans is poised to become a hub for eco-diving. The rise in travellers choosing destinations based on sustainable scuba centres aligns perfectly with Explore Balkans’ commitment to environmental conservation. 

Coolcationing: Beat the Heat, Explore the Balkans

With rising temperatures, coolcationing becomes a prominent trend. Explore Balkans provides a refreshing alternative, offering temperate destinations that are both less crowded and environmentally conscious. From the stunning landscapes of several mountain ranges, the Balkans provide a cool retreat for travellers seeking a balance of relaxation and adventure, in the all-year-round travel setting.


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Private Group Travel: Unforgettable Moments in the Balkans

The desire for shared experiences continues to grow in travel. Explore Balkans caters to this trend by providing tailored private group experiences. Whether it’s a family gathering or a group of friends exploring, the Balkans offer diverse settings for creating lasting memories.

Silent Travel: Finding Serenity in the Balkans

In an era of overstimulation, silent travel gains prominence. The Balkans provide a perfect backdrop for mindful exploration with its secluded nature resorts and quiet landscapes. Explore Balkans aligns with this trend, offering travellers a chance to disconnect and experience the calming effects of silence.

Wild Feasting: Culinary Adventures in the Balkans

For those seeking unique culinary experiences, wild feasting in the Balkans stands out. Explore Balkans invites travellers to indulge in curated outdoor dining experiences using hyper-local and foraged ingredients. The Western Balkans offer a rich tapestry of wild feasting opportunities.

In summary, Explore Balkans is naturally meeting the travel trends in 2024 by providing a blend of adventure, eco-consciousness, and rural experiences. Whether stargazing under the Balkan skies or indulging in sustainable diving, the region offers diverse experiences that align with the evolving preferences of conscientious travellers.